Monster Bastion - Tower Defense Game

Monster Bastion - Tower Defense Game
Tower defense games are recently gaining more and more popularity. Monster Bastion is a tower defense game full of action and new features for this genre. Here you will face lots of exciting adventures while trying to stop the Empire armies that are determined to conquer your lands. Use the power of the bastion and its monsters and defeat the enemy waves.

The game is based upon some general features that we already know from games like Kingdom Rush and Incursion. Though besides the unique heroes, enemies, spells and levels in the game there are also some new unique elements that make it worth playing. The game includes two different battle modes in which you can use either allies or monsters.

There are predetermined paths where the enemy is walking to reach the final target. Also there might be several different paths and various sources from where the enemies emerge. The spots where you can build towers are also predefined. When you select a tower spot to build in there you have the available towers to use.

Monster Bastion There are five different towers that you can use - dragon tower, fortress, dark shrine, black tower and infernal machine. All towers has their own ways to attack the enemy. Dragon towers are using the fire breath of a dragon to inflict rapid damage on single enemy. Fortress are used to spawn your defender armies. Dark shrine towers increase the nearby ally damage. Black towers are using lightning spell to penetrate the enemy armor. Infernal machine towers are full of goblin archers armed with long ranged weapons. All types of towers must be combined to stop all the waves of enemies.

There are day and night modes of battle. They determine whether you can use your allies or monsters inside your fortress towers. You can use allies in the night and your monsters will push away the enemies during the day. Moreover you can select from various allies to put in your fortress towers and combining different types in a single tower.

Monster BastionYou have armies and towers to stop the enemy. But that will not be enough to crush the strong empire forces. Fortunately there are also spells to sink your enemies in blood. There are five spells that you can use. One spell is used to slow down the enemy. Immobilization spell stuns enemy troops and makes them unable to move. Acid rain spell calls dark clouds that pour poison over the enemies. Syphon life spell summons a dark portal that drains life and deal damage to all beneath it. Phantasm spell summons four illusions in form of goblins to keep the enemy occupied.

You can upgrade all towers, allies, monsters and spells in the upgrades menu of the game. When you clear a level you earn a certain amount of skulls that you can use to make upgrades that are improving various skills, damage, armor, etc. During the battle you earn points when eliminating enemies. This points can be used to upgrade the towers during the fight and make them stronger.

You have to thing carefully and come up with a good strategy in order to be able to stop all enemies. Place your towers wisely and consider what types of towers do you use. Fortress towers can stop the enemy on the path for some time while the other towers are dealing damage. Combine and use towers depending on the upcoming enemies.

Fight well and have a lot of fun!


I like tower defense games and also this game in particular. Thank you for sharing it with us!
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