Snail Bob Adventures

Snail Bob Adventures
This is an amazing game with a cute little snail. The snail has a problem, he is lost and someone must help him go back home. The game has not only interesting puzzles to solve, but also nice graphics and sounds which make it even more entertaining.

Snail Bob is main character in a series of games. Each game will bring you on a different adventure and in a totally different world. You can enjoy an adventure in ancient Egypt, a love story where Snail Bob is going to chase his beloved girl, a fairy tale story, an adventure in space and many others.

Each game has a series of 20 to 30 levels full of interesting puzzles. The games start easy and the difficulty gradually rises. In each level you have to use various tools, teleports, avoid enemies and traps in order to reach the exit. The final goal is to help Snail Bob find his way back home. Besides that there are three hidden stars to find in each level. Have a look around and try to find all the stars, that will be challenging.

Here you can watch game play of Snail Bob 4 and the snail's adventure in space:

Have fun!
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