Om Nom Cuts the Rope to Get the Candies

Om Nom Cuts the Rope to Get the Candies
Cut the Rope is an online browser game with a little cute monster named “Om Nom”. The hero loves to eat candies and his all life goes around this. Your goal in this game is to get the piece of candy into the mouth of the monster. In order to do that you can cut the ropes and use various mechanisms in the game. Cut the Rope comes with a unique and addictively puzzle gameplay and it offers its users the charm, interactive, and smart level design in a puzzle game.

This is a browser game, so everyone can play this game either on PC or any kind of mobile device.

Here you can get some more details on how the game Cut the Rope works? The little green monster Om Nom is hungrier than ever on every level and he is waiting for his portion of candies. So, your only mission is to feed him candies. In each level, the candies will be hanged to a rope so, you have to cut the rope and fall the candies near the mouth of the Om Nom monster for eating. After eating the candies in each level, your level will be completed and you will be able to move to a new level. This is an interesting game where you have to feed the Om Nom by cutting the rope!

You will never find out any simple and addictive gameplay just like cut the rope has. Here you will love everything! Main Features of Cut the Rope Game:
- Adorable Character
- Om Nom animation shorts
- Flexible Sound and Music
- Innovative physics gameplay
- Creative and Engaging Graphics

Cut the Rope is a puzzle browser game where you just have to use your mind in each level that which rope to cut and in what order? And this is the most complicated move to figure out the cutting of the rope. The Om Nom will be in the middle of the screen so, you have to cut the rope in a way that the candy falls into the mouth of that little monster “Om Nom” You may find it difficult on some levels because we test your mind in this game. The more you play it, the more it becomes challenging, and the more it becomes addictive and engaging. Each level is very cleverly designed in this game to make it more challenging and difficult. You have to cut the right rope and at the right time to win the game by falling the candy into the mouth of Om Nom.

Cut the rope comes in several sequels with different themes and hundreds of levels each. So, browse now, play it, and enjoy it!

Here you can find all the available games with Om Nom: Cut the Rope Games.

Here you can watch a full game walkthrough of the original Cut the Rope game:

Have fun playing with this cute little monster!
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