Uphill Rush Waterpark Games

Uphill Rush Waterpark Games
Explore wild arcade racing games of the series Uphill Rush. These games will bring you sliding down wacky waterslides, driving various vehicles on the city roads or riding horses in the countryside. Surviving dangerous online car racing game, riding horses and exciting waterslides in the waterpark.

One of the sequels of the game takes you on a vacation on a cruise ship also full of water slides where you can choose an inflatable ring or even a water scooter and speed through the tube slides. Perform incredible jumps before plunging into the pool. There are other swimmers in the pool, but they’ll just have to make way!

Uphill Rush is a simple arcade game. You will be able to knock other patrons out of the way, but there's no blood or gore shown. You also go crashing through windows as well as bars, but no one's shown being injured or drinking, for that matter. Similarly, while the male characters are shirtless, and the ladies are wearing bikinis, there's no inappropriate content.

Here you can watch the gameplay of one of the game sequels where you ride on vehicles on the roads of New York:

There are many sequels of this fun game series. Here you can play all the games available in the site: Uphill Rush Games

Have fun!
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