Adam and Eve Going on a Real Adventure

Adam and Eve Going on a Real Adventure
Adam and Eve is an online adventure games series. Here you can play in an antique imaginary world from the prehistorical time. Adam has lost his beloved Eva and he must find his way. Your goal is to help Adam reach Eva. You will face many interesting and funny challenges that you need to solve in the game. Think carefully and find the solution for each riddle. Some sequels of the game add different tasks and challenges and each one of them has an interesting plot and story.

Adam and Eve Go is a new game series with the popular heroes. This game series changes the controls and from a point and click game it turns into a platform game. This makes the game very different and adds lots of new challenges for the gamers. Here you will meet dinosaurs and mammoths, you will go through tropical forests, winter lands and dangerous undergrounds. You have to find different items, avoid the dangerous dinosaurs and traps and find your way to Eva, and don't forget to bring her the red flower in each level of the game. There are several parts of the game which you can play here:

Adam and Eve Go
Adam and Eve Go Xmas
Adam and Eve Go 2
Adam and Eve Go 3

Here you can see a videos of the gameplay and how to find the red flower in each level in case you meet difficulties:

Here you can play the rest of the games from the game series:

Adam and Eve Aliens
Adam and Eve 8
Adam and Eve Astronaut
Adam and Eve 7
Adam and Eve Sleepwalker
Adam and Eve Love Quest
Adam And Eve 6
Adam and Eve Snow
Adam and Eve Golf
Adam and Eve Zombies
Adam and Eve Adam The Ghost
Adam And Eve Cut The Ropes
Adam And Eve 5 Part 2
Adam And Eve 5 Part 1
Adam and Eve 4
Adam And Eve 3
Adam and Eve 2
Adam and Eve

Have fun!


I love this game! It is so funny! :)
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