Frozen Islands Full of Raging Vikings

Frozen Islands Full of Raging Vikings
The Vikings are interesting people that have lived long time ago in the Scandinavian area. They reach the peak of their reign from the 8th century to mid 11th. Learn here more about the Viking age. Fierce armies of Vikings are playing the main role in Frozen Islands, an adventure action online flash game, where you manage a raging Viking army. The game is developed by Deqaf Game Studio. You start with a small pack of a few soldiers and with each battle you gain experience that allow you to enlarge your army. After a few fights won your army will be unstoppable. There are several types of soldiers and lots of upgrades that we are going to take a deep look at a bit further in this game review.

The story starts with a giant evil Viking who turns all the inhabitants of the Frozen islands into monsters. The evil Viking seize the islands under his control and you have to take them back.

Frozen Islands Map Taking a look at the map you can see all the islands. Start from the smallest island that is not guarded very well since your army at first is also weak. Then conquer all the islands one by one until the end where you can face the big boss in the game. This is indeed the evil Viking that we mentioned in the very beginning. He surrounded himself by the monsters he created. The way to reach him is far and tough but it will give you the opportunity to train your army well and prepare it for the final battle.

Frozen Islands Battle Once you have selected an island to attack your ship is on the coast and you can select the type and number of soldiers to take in battle. Game play during the battle is very interesting. You cannot control the soldier individually but you can select a moment when you can unleash their special powers. Each soldier type posses its own special power that can give your army a big overhead against the enemy. On top of that you can also use some back up from the ship, where several long range weapons can hit the enemy and help you during the battle.

On each island you will have to take a long path to be sure you find all monsters. On your way you will face several packs of enemies. Besides the enemies you will also find some gold that will give you extra points you can use in the game. Main point in each battle, even if you do not win it, is to win gold. Best case is of course to win all the fights and conquer back the island. Then you can also charge the peasants on the island with some taxes. Of course they have to be grateful for that you helped them get rid of the monsters. Don't be too greedy though and be fair with the taxes otherwise the villagers can go out on a strike and then you will have to reconquer the island once again.

Frozen Islands Upgrades All the gold you collect during the game is not for nothing. You have lots of different soldier types to upgrade. And don't forget the ship weapons, too. They all need to be in perfect shape when you face the final boss. Main role in the battles take place their own special powers. You must thing carefully when to use a special power during the battle. While you fight and walk on your way the powers will be recharged, so if you are lucky you can use one power more then once.

Go ahead and win all the battles with the Vikings to bring down the evil giant Viking. Rule well over the islands and never let them be conquered again.

Enjoy this adventure online game!
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