Gods and Sacrifices

Gods and Sacrifices
Sacrifices to gods are long forgotten, but once upon a time there were tribes who believed that sacrifices will bring them what they desire in return. It is the same case in this puzzle game. Though here people have decided to stop giving sacrifices to their God. The food is scarce and they have no chance but to neglect the God of fire so they can survive.

Surprisingly your role in the game Sacrifire is to help God take what belongs to him. But that is just what makes this puzzle so exciting. People will not bring him cows anymore and his desire for flesh cannot be satisfied by its own.

Fortunately there are still minions who are loyal and serve their God. They are ready to obey his orders and will be at your disposal. In each level of the game you can select what and how many of the available minions you will use. The spots that you can fill with minions on the game field are limited, so you have to pick up carefully.

SacrifireThe minions have various abilities that will help you achieve your goal. One minion can carry the cows which is obviously the most important skill in this game. Another minion can sacrifice himself and take down one enemy soldier. Another one cannot be killed by guards or shooting poles and he can also block the guards by causing them to walk the other way. You will face lots of interesting puzzles that you have to solve while trying to reach the target points in the game. Use the skills of the minions and their team work properly to bring all the cows back to the God of fire.

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