A Lucid Dream in a Deep Sleep

A Lucid Dream in a Deep Sleep
Have you ever experienced a lucid dream where you can do anything you want? The content and purpose of dreams still cannot be definitively understood. Some scientists claim that they help us solve our problems. They may also point us out an issue that in reality we do not notice.

In order to have a dream you must first fall into a certain stage of sleeping. Although, it is determined that dreams are something mandatory, so if you do not have enough normal sleep, you can also start dreaming while being awake. Everybody dreams, it is just that people may not reamember their dreams or they even do not remember having a dream at all.

Here we will review a series of three adventure point and click games. They will bring you into a deep, deeper and the deepest sleeps that you have ever had. Experience a mysterious story and get ready to be puzzled. Do not play these games if you are afraid to be scared. These games have nice classical eight bit graphics and compelling plots.

Deep SleepThe hero in this game wants to have a lucid dream and do anything he wants. Unfortunatelly something goes wrong and he ends up in a terrible nightmare. Now you must help him escape and wake up safely. And this is only in the first part of the game. The hero somehow manages to wake up in the second part of the game. He is so obsessed by the dream that he goes to a library to look up for more information on the topic and there begins a whole new story. In the final third part of the game, the hero wakes up in bed but he cannot move or say something. And there is someone in the darkness staring at him. You can go and find out what will happen next.

Deep SleepDon't forget to be prepared for a series of a bit scary events. Put your headphones on and turn off the lights for best experience. Use your mouse to point and click, while being in a deep sleep and solving mysterious puzzles. In the game you have to look around for any item that you can pick and any information that can be useful in solving the riddles in the games. The collected items will appear in the upper side of your screen when you mouse over it. If you want to use an item on an object in any of the scenes of the game, you have first to select it from the ones available in the inventory.

Here you can play the three games of the series:

Deep Sleep
Deeper Sleep
The Deepest Sleep

Have fun!
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