A Lonely Crow in Hell

A Lonely Crow in Hell
Crow in Hell is a series of online flash games. The game is simple, unique and addicting. You control a crow and your main goal is to help it escape from Hell. In order to do that you have to survive an exciting and dangerous journey.

The crow had been living happily on Earth but some bad luck made it go to Hell. In each sequel of the game there is a different unlucky event that sends the crow in Hell. It is shot by a hunter, hit by a car or another unfortunate accident happens. In the the beginning of each game you can preview a brief introduction movie to see why the crow is sent in to the dark undergrounds of Hell.

Fortunately the crow wakes up and it is determined to reach back to the top and revenge. The crow seems totally lost in the dangerous halls of Hell and only you can help it go out. You can control the crow and guide it through the obstacles. You cannot touch any walls or objects because the wings of the crow are very weak. There are falling rocks, spikes and many other objects that lurk in the darkness to stop you.

Crow in HellThe crow is lonely and desperately needs your help. Throughout the game you can collect keys and use them to upgrade the skills of the crow. You can make it faster, more stable and buy some more feathers. The keys are usually located at tricky places that are very hard to reach. There are also some levers in the game that you have to activate in order to proceed. Sometimes the light is turned off and you need to memorize the halls and move in darkness. The game is hard to play but very entertaining. Once you pass a certain amount of obstacles you can reach a checkpoint. So if you fail you don't have to go through all the obstacles from the very beginning.

The game has simple graphics but in the same time that makes it original and attractive. The soundtrack is nice and mysterious and fully fits the game world. So don't hesitate and try to help the crow escape the depths of Hell.

The game has several parts that you can play:

Crow in Hell
Crow in Hell 2
Crow in Hell 3
Crow in Hell Affliction

Have fun!


Awesome! This game brings me into a whole different world! :)
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