Colo Ball is Back with New Levels

Colo Ball is Back with New Levels
Colo Ball is back with some new fancy levels to entertain you again with the game Colo Ball 2 Level Pack. In the previous game Colo has collected back the stolen crystals. Though it turns out that some of the crystals are still hidden somewhere by the evil guys. Colo is going back amongst the devious color blocks to search the missing crystals. He leaves Cola to take care of the children and promises to be back soon.

Now Colo needs your help once again to crush the blocks and get the crystals defeating the enemies. The game has the same features of Colo Ball 2 - purple plush, orange romb and static spike enemies, ice cold blocks that will freeze the ball, mud blocks that can be destroyed only by the purple enemies. Again you can speed up the ball when necessary and perform combo of block crushes to gain more points.

Colo Ball Game Upgrades The points you earn in the game can be used to upgrade the skills of the ball and unlock new ball types. You can upgrade your speed, the multiplier of the points you get, you can buy additional lives. Each ball that you can use in the game is coming from a sport game. The ball type of the ball that is used by default is a billiards one. The balls that you can unlock are coming from the sports football, basketball, baseball and tennis.

If you still have not tried the first two parts of the game, you'd better do that. Colo Ball and Colo Ball 2 have their own unique fun levels to play.

If you are stuck at any of the levels in Colo Ball 2 Level Pack, there is Colo Ball 2 Level Pack Walkthrough that you can watch to see how to cope with all the obstacles that may puzzle you.

Enjoy playing!



this game is awesome, I like how the levels become gradually harder :)


cool, the new levels are even better
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