Zombies on a Deadly Crusade

Zombies on a Deadly Crusade
Zombie Crusade is an epic medieval zombie themed game for all the fans of tower defense games. Fight and stop the zombie invasion to protect your precious kingdom. Position your towers wisely through 12 levels of the game and defeat mighty bosses.

In this strategy game you can build four basic types of towers. The archers tower has fast rate of fire and affects flying zombies. The knights tower damages and blocks the zombies. The mages tower casts spells on nearby zombies and also affects flying enemies. The artillery tower produces massive area damage but does not affect flying enemies.

You also have a brave hero at your disposal, who is positioned at the very exit in each level of the game. While progressing in the game you will collect points that you can use to upgrade your skills. During each level you can also upgrade your towers to make them stronger.

If you feel like any of the levels of the game are too difficult, you can take a look at the game walkthrough:

Have fun!
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