Crazy Digger in Crazy World

Crazy Digger in Crazy World
If you like classic arcade games this is one that you would love to try. Crazy Digger is a sequence of online flash games where you have to collect all the diamonds you see. A simple task but it will not be that easy as it sounds. There are many dangers laying around waiting for you to approach. But don't worry, if you try hard everything is achievable.

The main hero in the game is a small red ball. It needs your help to guide it otherwise it will just wander back and forth with no success. You can move the ball into all directions, but better watch your steps. Green blocks are surrounding the precious diamonds. They are harmless and it is not a problem to dig your way through them. Although it is possible that after digging in something fall on top of you. If this happens you will fail the level and you have to restart from the beginning.

Besides falling rocks and diamonds on your head, you have also to avoid various monsters that lurks to catch you. Different monsters are moving in different manners. You have to remember their outfit and consider this in order to avoid them.

Some levels are really challenging and you have to think a lot until you find a way to collect all the diamonds. They might be stuck between rocks and surrounded by evil monsters. Some diamonds are locked inside a white case and you have to break it. You can do that by either throwing them down or throwing something on top of them.

There is always a way to get to all of the diamonds. Though if you cannot find the solution for any of the levels, you can always have a peek in the walkthrough:

There are two games of the sequence that you can play:

Crazy Digger
Crazy Digger 2

Have fun!
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